THE (UN)FAIR art show

Copyright Daniel Sprick

Copyright Daniel Sprick

Copyright Aleah Chapin

Copyright Aleah Chapin

Copyright Adam Miller

Copyright Adam Miller

After writing a post on Adam Miller on the smokers club blog last week, I decided to checkout his work at the opening day of the (UN)FAIR art exhibition.  To my surprise, the exhibit was composed of over 30 different artists, of which they were all far from the ordinary.  The classification of the art could easily be considered post-modern as many of the paintings depicted apocalyptic/disturbing scenery in the modern world with the use of traditional techniques such as realism.

I have to say I was less impressed with the work by Adam Miller and the other displaying artists than I would have originally anticipated.  As the pieces were clearly advanced in their techniques and may have claimed to have some sort of deeper meaning (or soul), but I truly find it hard to believe that most of these artists are trying to capitalize on their message rather than the shock value produced.

When I looked back to some of the older work produced by the same artists, it seemed that much of the evolution to these postmodern depictions came from their mastery in the traditional techniques of realism.  This realization only took about a minute to upset me.  However complex realism may be for the ordinary human, these artists later decision to move to the postmodern realm of art made me only see an aura of pretentiousness in their current pieces.  Mastering realism is one thing, but mastering realism and manipulating that skill to make headlines is another.

I understand that postmodern art will (unfortunately) define my own generation, but I can only hope that paintings such as these, will be not be those that are coveted for centuries to come in the Met.   After all, I much rather see colorful-shiny balloons by Jeff Koons in a park than a 6 foot by 12 foot painting of a women thats had a mastectomy.


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