Art & Fashion- Unmistakably Intertwined

JESSICA-CHASTAIN-W-MAGAZINE-JANUARY-2013-COVER-3 chantal_joffe_Reclining_2002 a9d10c82 img-chantal-joffe-fig-1_111140891968

Fashion and Art have always had a close relationship, as those buying couture wear are often the same people that are buying fine art, however, today we see the two worlds completely intertwined.  The first issue of W magazine this year (for what may be the first time in their history) featured a painting of an actress instead of what would normally be a photograph; the magazine focuses on artist Chantal Joffe and her current muse-actress, Jessica Chastain.  Inside features model spreads with fine art in the background, and the unique nature this focus is definitely exaggerated.  I love the artist and all of the content included but can someone please tell me why this was never thought up before?  Seems obvious enough! I would love to make a magazine comprise completely of these two worlds intertwined, tell me your thoughts!



One thought on “Art & Fashion- Unmistakably Intertwined

  1. The girl that writes this shit is a guru. Literally obsessed w her.

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