Fine Arts & Digital Media

“Welcome to convergence culture, where old and new media collide, where grassroots and corporate media intersect, where the power of the media producer and the power of the media consumer interact in unpredictable ways. Convergence culture is the future…”

so says the renowned media theorist Henry Jenkins, and we can’t help but agree. We are living in a time that is embracing media convergence of an unprecedented scale. No longer do our media objects perform the one function for which they were originally intended, but rather a vast array of different functions previously thought impossible to exist all within one entity.

This is presenting exciting new possibilities in the world of fine art, as high-culture and high-tech collide. Here are a few of our favorite recent examples of fine art and digital media convergence…


iPhone featured in a fine art painting at the Grey Gallery at New York University


Beautiful design created by Electric Sheep, a distributed computing project for animating and evolving fractal flames, which are in turn distributed to the networked computers and displayed as a screensaver


A computer mouse gets a fine art makeover by an employee at the Khokhloma Painting Art Association in Russia.


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